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An easy-to-use, self-explanatory, and neat JavaScript obfuscator and minifier desktop application for Windows and Mac OS X
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17 July 2012

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It is not a big task to copy source codes of various applications available on the internet in today’s world. Hence it has become highly essential for applications to be encrypted and well protected not allowing anyone to breach into its source codes. Now if you are thinking of protecting your applications from not getting pirated, VarHammer is one tool you just cannot keep away from.

VarHammer is a terrific software utility which can obfuscate JavaScript and protect them from getting pirated. This obfuscating software is extremely light having 1.7MB size that can be downloaded and installed from the internet within seconds. Due to its low size you can run and work on it by running various other programs in the background of your computer system.

VarHammer is very powerful that can minify as well as obfuscate any kind of JavaScript of desktop applications that works with both Windows as well as Mac OS X. All the functions, variable names and string characters can be compressed and obfuscated by this tool. It scales downs you entire code by removing extra tabs as well as unnecessary spaces. Those JavaScript that are embedded into various web application generating platforms like , PHP, ASP, JSP along with CSS, XHT, XHTML etc. can also be retrenched. This obfuscating program comes with a very easy to use GUI that can be easily understood and operated. There are options available with this software that will allow you to take printouts of the obfuscated code or save them in a folder of your choice.

Available at a decent price, this utility can help you obfuscate as many JavaScript you want to with one time purchase. It earns a decent score of three rating points for achieving its stated goals.

Publisher's description

VarHammer is a an easy-to-use, self-explanatory, and neat JavaScript obfuscator and minifier desktop application for Windows and Mac OS X. Compress and obfuscate function and variable names, and obfuscate characters in strings. The Internet is and has always been competitive: retrench and minify your JavaScript scripts embedded into HTM, HTML, PHP, ASP, JSP, XML, CSS, XHT, XHTML, XSLT, etc. Lessen your code - remove extra tabs and spaces. Scale it down! VarHammer JavasScript obfuscator: User friendly and state of the art designed interface. Boost your website performance: Analyze, obfuscate, and compress your JavaScript code. Purchased one time and there are no continually occurring charges.
Version 1.2
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